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Inspect, Exchange or Overhaul of Capital Equipment: 

We can assist you with the seal changes, exchanges or overhauls of thrusters, winches, rudders, gearboxes or engines. 

For several of our customers we have completed  bore scope inspections, seal overhauls and complete overhauls.  The Pictures show a selection of jobs executed for our customers. We have completed gear inspections on multiple different thrusters. Winch overhauls, main thrusters, tunnel thrusters, controllable pitch propellers, gearboxes or even engines overhauls of any type and brand. You will receive a full digital report with detailed pictures and clear statements of our findings. If required we can also make a movie of the inside of your capital equipment. 


FMEA, Annual DP trials, DP Health Checks & Control Works: 

With over 54 years of combined experience in the DP systems and controls we completed numerous of FMEA trials, annual DP trials and troubleshooting on control platforms or DP systems. 

The pictures to the right were taken while we were doing  FMEA trials, trouble shooting on controls and or testing the control platforms. 

All our FMEA trials, Annual DP Trials and health checks are executed based on a fixed price excluding flight tickets. No surprises, no extra costs for delays of any kind. 

Bunker Surveys: 

Over the last 6 months we have conducted Bunker surveys for over 20 different customers and over 10 different nationalities. Our calculations are open and discussed with our customers. 

The pictures to left were taken during bunkering out at anchorage in the port Walvis Bay. Our golden rule is that there will never be waiting time on our paperwork and the invoice will be ready within a few hours after completion of the job scope. 

It is good to see customers returning time after time. Thank you for your support. 

Cargo Surveys: 

We understand that your cargo is critical for your day to day operations. Save cargo landing or departing is therefor key to our customers. 

To the right you see pictures of a few completed cargo inspections. Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions often perform inspections on board RoRo vessels, here we asses the condition of cargo before it is discharged. 

We have inspected many type of cargo's since the start of our company, on board of many different vessels but also at various delivery locations. We have had: buses, mining trucks, mining mills,  new cars, cargo trucks, household items, airplane parts, consumable items, building materials, fruit and many more.  

On and Off Hire Surveys: 

Whenever your vessel has secured a contract or has completed a contract we can assist you with a Survey.  With a lot of detail we review the vessels documentation and asses the vessels condition before or after charter. We assure a 42 hour turn around time for a detailed report.

The pictures to the left were taken of a vessel where we completed the off-hire Survey of a beautiful DAMEN build FCS 3307 which had just completed it's contract. 

All over Africa and the Middle East, we can assist you with independent on-hire or off-hire surveys. 

Evaluation, Pre-Purchase and/or Damage Surveys: 

Every year your vessels require a annual condition & valuation Survey performed for insurance purposes. Your vessels are valuable assets. The vessels will like any other assets need a insurance in case anything does go wrong. we will assist you to scale your vessel to what it is worth or help you during  a damage. 

To the right you will see a few picture of our returning customers. Reefer vessels and fishing vessels are very common in Southern Africa. We have completed many on-board evaluations of these type of vessels.    

Other type of vessels include: Oil tankers, Oil rigs, Offshore Suppliers, Crew vessels, Fishing vessels, Work-boats like tugs and dredgers. 

Thermal Imaging: 

We perform thermal imaging inspections. Thermal image inspections are an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows the us to show you the functioning of your equipment in way that is quick and efficient. Think of bearings which heat up in your shaft line or components in your switchboards. 

The pictures show some inspections performed on-board. 

Laser alignment: 

We perform laser alignments for shafts, couplings and bearing housings. We have our inhouse specialist and laser alignment equipment. 

We offer this service on a fixed price. Contact us to provide you with a offer. 


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